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The Story Behind Boujee Bae 

I'm a Mother to a beautiful daughter who brings light and joy to my life.  My daughter is the inspiration to the amazing products you see on our website. It all started when my daughter was born into this world. She came with a lot of hair, and I refused to have her hair become damaged by breakage or dryness due to the material of the car seat. Therefore, I would use my silk pillow case, to wrap the headpiece of her car seat. Then it came me. A SOLUTION to a problem that a lot of parents have with breakage and dryness of their infants and children's hair. Boujee Bae brings to you the first in history  The Boujee Bae Silk Cover and The Boujee Bae Silk Cushion product to help protect all infants and children's hair from becoming damaged by breakage or dryness. This is the story on  how Boujee Bae products came about.

Thank you to my Beautiful Daughter,

Mommy loves you. 


Benefits of using Boujee Bae  Luxury Products 

Boujee Bae Luxury Head Cushion

The Luxury Car Seat Head Cushion is a one-of-a-kind product that is made as an attachment piece for infant car seats ranging from Newborn up to 40lbs.  This Boujee Bae product is made to be firm to support the baby's head as well as being made with high quality silk, that will help  protect your  baby's hair from dryness and breakage .

Boujee Bae Luxury Headseat Cover

The Luxury Car Seat Head Cover is a one-of-a-kind product that is made as an attachment piece for toddler car seats. This Boujee Bae product is made to cover the head piece of the car seat and is made with high-quality silk, that will help your toddlers’ hair from dryness and breakage.

"Any Mother or Father can accomplish their dreams and goals, with the desire of your children being your drive .”

~Boujee Bae

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